Kusakabe Heritage House courtyard, Takayama, Japan.  Photography by camwheeler on Flickr
White sheets.
Finished the Titanic. Off to sleep! This is the “Grown Up” life. Stay inside during weekends, sleep early and go to work :D
For people asking “Is there any other way of eating mangoes!?!” Yes. This is how I eat my mangoes  almost all the time! We slice it up like this, when the mango is still green, and eat it with chili. :D
You can do this to mangoes!?!
Breakfast ;P Garlic Rice and Chinese sausage, Longanisa and Eggs :D
Two #Venti in the car.

Tell me I am your national anthem.

We were on the train-plane to California, crossing through the Rockies, the Denver city with the label of Las Vegas past. Each section of the train-plane had their own clubs, but as I came to know the place more and more, it was just filed with gay bars and lounges, each with their own scene.
The bear and leather scene, the drag scene and just clubbing scene…

We got off at night, in a dark town of a Thai-Cambodian beach town, and then I saw you…

I was surprised to have seen you here… But LA changed you so much. From a small town momma’s boy, to a Westside LA boy…

You were drunk and lying on the sands and water washing you up. You smelled like chocolate rum, and we swam for a bit.

And then they took you away, stole you out of my life.

And that’s when you called me crying, “I’m sorry Venti, I’m so sorry for hurting you…”

I replied back, “It’s okay, I forgive you…”

And that was the last time I heard his voice.