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The Gay World is dangerous, and we live in dangerous territory.

When people say, “Asians are so weak, humble and submissive”.

Excuse me!? While your ass is always getting a “family check-up” plan as a kid, my family did homemade surgery when someone got hurt.

Oh, your ankle got broke and you went to get a cast? Nope, not in this fucking house. You fucking walk that shit out. You fucking join the Marines with a fucking broken ankle and run that training course, meanwhile those little fucking weak ass kids who gets dental health care every other month who “broke their ankle” after falling on the sidewalk has to go to the doctor and walk on crutches for a few fucking weeks to feel better.

Like you’re having a baby right now? Well, fuck it. Give birth in this house then, we have like 3 other people who has experience delivering babies in their lifetime.

Like yo. Can you kill a fucking cow and cut it all up in 15 minutes and serve it up for steak for a party? Nah son. You need to go to a grocery store to buy those mini packets, can’t do that shit on yourself. Get fucking scared as shit when you see us cutting a pigs throat with our homemade knives to make BQQ ribs out of it.

Nah son. Eat your beef raw, and can’t even handle our homemade liquor.

When you think you meet Mister Right…

I don’t know how to start the story…

It was late one beautiful night. The same way I met everyone, at the bungalows of Hawaii, at the beach house of Springtime. Everyone was there, we danced, we partied, we sang and we all fell in love.

But there was just you and me, in the middle floor of the house, looking outside to the beach. We both smile, talked about our lives, and dreamed a dream.

Then you went to Australia, and I went back home. We kept in close contact ever since. Every summer, we’d just be together, and every winter, we’d go travel somewhere in the world to be together. You sang me love songs, spoiled me with kisses and promises of more love songs to come, so long as I was yours.

Then I guess, somewhere and somejow, I did fall in love with you.

But then the mistrust came. A handsome guy like you, after all these years we’ve longed for each other, you never went for it. You never asked me to be yours. It was stupid of me to really to think that I was that special. There was so many guys after you, and me? I was just a nobody and you made me felt like I was someone special. Like I belonged somewhere.

So, I packed my bags. I remember how I ended the story. I packed up my bags, left you at the hotel, and never looked back again.

But when I do turn around, just to see if you would stop me, I’d only come to see you, still smiling without me.


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Tsǔ-kì or “Wǔshù" in Mandarin.

It means martial arts, fighting skills, swordplay.


The Influence of Vietnam in Laos
If the French had just extended 5-10 more miles westward into Laos, then my parents would be speaking Vietnamese instead of Lao right now. Like, both my parents lived on the border of Vietnam.
Remember that it was the French who cut the regions up very sloppily, that there are about 13 million Laotians living in Thailand, and only 3.3 million Laotians actually living in Laos. Vietnamese people in Cambodia and Laos, Cambodians in Vietnam and Laos, and Laotians in Vietnam and Cambodia. Basically, by the border, everyone was just mixed with everyone, except the Thai, because Thailand was central around Bangkok and central Thailand.
Anyways, my aunts school teachers were Vietnamese. Because Laos was a very poor country, especially in it’s landlocked situation and as a part of the French Indochina, Vietnamese people were often hired as teachers to teach in Laos.
If you were wealthy, you could go and study in France. However, a second choice would had been to study in Hanoi or Saigon during the 1940’s and 1950’s to get a “Western Education”. English speaking countries were very irrelevant at this time (It would not be until the 60’s and 70’s did the Americans come).
Likewise, some Vietnamese people went to Laos, and some Lao people went to Vietnam, etc. etc.
A lot of old people can speak some Vietnamese, small simple woulds like, “Go home”. All in a Northern Vietnamese accent.
Then of course, the Invasion of North Vietnam,
After the Fall of Saigon, Laos fell into North Vietnam, and since this day, hasn’t really let go yet.
In many satires, people literally will call Laos, “West Vietnam”. Like literally, if you go to Laos right now, there’s little pre-schoolers who can count to ten in Vietnamese, Viet girls selling squid at the market, conversing in Vietnamese to other merchants and speaking Lao to customers, the entire government is of Vietnamese decent and so on.
Go to Laos, and it’s basically Little Hanoi all over the place. You’ll find all the Northern Vietnamese cuisines in every little town you go to. You can get Banh Mi, Cafe Sua Da and Pho off the streets.