Had a dream I was at military base hospital and a Vietnamese restaurant. And suddenly, I had night shift at the family hospital, where all these children and mother came in rushing from Gaza, and because we were the U.S, we had to treat them like our “enemies”, and list them in order, but also tend to their wounds. A lot of children were hurt, mothers with cuts and bruises, and so many dead children bodies.

But I wasn’t scared, I’ve seen a lot of dead bodies in my lifetime, but children bodies were a lot easier to handle and wrap up, and there were so many smiling babies when I went down the aisle, helping nurses wrap up a dead child from their mother’s grip. I also explained to them, that not a lot of children are dead, and that some of them may be alive (Because a lot of the mothers used narcotics to keep their child quiet), so to make sure not to declare their children dead just yet.

And it was also hard to communicate with the mothers and children, because they all spoke Arabic, and in my dream, I was trying to communicate them in French or German, just in case they knew French or German, telling them that I would come and check on them in 20 minutes, and the head surgeon was this one girl who kept bothering me, because all the other doctors/nurses were crying, while working on the children, and I was just getting all the work done.

As morning began to come, and the sun setting hire, the cries of mothers and children began to quiet down, and I came to realize that they were dying, one by one.


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Baby likes a sweet ride. I should just do that. I should just work to become a driver who drives sexy sports cars.

I don’t need to put my heart out for someone whose not going to put effort in keeping it safe.

Only gay people understand that weird feeling of wanting someone’s body and wishing they had a body like that.

In this lifetime, a few moments of being with you, is worth my heart being broken a hundred times, than a life without knowing you at all.

I swore, if you’d had kissed me, I’d never let the butterflies in your stomach stop fluttering.
It’s God’s way of telling me to get Fried Chicken.
I have a whole bunch of suits & ties, mostly because both my parents were always invited to formal parties, events, rituals/ceromonies and celebrations, so I always had for some reason 7 different white shirts that all look the same, and countless ties and pants. If I had work, my parents would tell me to skip work to waste 2 hours sitting on a chair doing nothing. If I was about to go on vacation, my parents/relatives would literally stop me 2 hours before I leave, to literally sit and eat dinner with guest, and skip my entire flight.

What If You Just Left?
Have you ever wondered how much life would change if you got onto a plane randomly, without telling anyone, and left the world that has been so familiar to you for a long period of time? Like those times when you go on vacation and you have no way to contact those people at home to know what’s been happening since you been away. Don’t you wonder how many people would miss you? How many people would have even noticed that you’re gone? Don’t you ever wonder the magnitude of how much the people and things may change when you’re in a different place entirely as time will not wait for your return. 
For a brief moment, you must realize that life can still move forward without you. That the world truly doesn’t revolve around us. And though we may be missed, time doesn’t become frozen when we’re gone, but quickens in its incredible speeds to change the reality that we once knew. It doesn’t make us any less important to the people who loves us and who we know, but it should make us humble. To realize that to never take the people we have for granted, because it’s easy to leave and forget. It’s our jobs to keep the people in our lives that we want in it. 

Meh. Or probably not even think about this at all if you’ve spent your entire life flying and traveling all the time, every year.